Weekend Preview – November 3/4

Corte Madera FC Families:

We’re into our final weeks of the season. The end of the season will be here before you know it! Our teams are playing their best soccer and last weekend’s great results by so many of our teams prove that. Many of our teams were “tournament champs” in their respective divisions. Congratulations to all!

Ever wonder how to best support your child as an athlete? There is a lot of new research that shows the importance of positive self-talk. In decades of working with world champion and Olympic athletes and their parents, Dr. Jim Taylor, author of “Raising Young Athletes: Parenting Your Children to Victory in Sports and Life”, has found that the voice in young athletes’ heads is often an echo of the message they hear from parents and coaches. Our children essentially become the messages that they hear most. We can help our children become the best athletes they can be by intentionally sending them the right messages. So, what should we be saying to our kids?

  1. Let them know how much you love watching them play.
  2. Remind your children that their ability can be improved with effort and practice.
  3. Talk about the process, not the result.
  4. Praise their hard work and good habits.
  5. Let your children know that sports do not define them; sports are something that they “do”.

Read Changing the Game’s latest blog entitled, “Our Children Become the Messages They Hear Most”.

Our Children Become the Messages They Hear the Most



Town Park Weekend Schedule:

Saturday, November 3

9:00 – U10 Girls vs. Marin FC

9:00 – U12 Girls White vs. Tiburon

10:00 – U10 Boys White vs. Santa Rosa

11:30 – U11 Boys Red vs. Sonoma SC

12:45 – U12 Girls Red vs. Marin FC


Sunday, November 4

11:00 – U8 Girls End-of-Season Jamboree

12:30 – U11 Boys White vs. Napa


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