Weekend Preview – September 15/16

It was fun to see Town Park back in action last weekend. Soccer is alive and well in our community! As we head into another soccer weekend, we want to remind our parents to set the right example of sportsmanship for our kids 100% of the time.  Soccer is a fast-moving, intense, and physical sport; it’s easy to get caught up in the game. Remember to conduct yourself appropriately on the sidelines. Our children are watching and learning from us all of the time.

 Below are the top DO NOTS and NEVERS for parents on the sideline:

  1. Do NOT challenge any referee’s call.  Referees make good calls and referees make bad calls.  Accepting the way that the referee calls the game is part of soccer.  Remember that things don’t always go your way in life either.
  2. Do NOT instruct your child or any other players from the sideline.  This is the coach’s job.  It is confusing for players to receive instructions from multiple sidelines.  Additionally, a huge part of soccer is decision-making. When you instruct from the sideline, you are interfering with players’ athletic development.  Kids don’t get better unless they make mistakes.
  3. NEVER say anything negative about an opposing player.  There will be players who are overly aggressive and who you deem as “playing dirty.”  Remember that that opposing player is a child. YOU are the adult! The coaches and referees are seeing exactly what you are seeing.  If something needs to be done, trust that it will be taken care of.

Above all, be a positive and supportive fan. Someday you will miss watching your children play.

Below is this weekend’s Town Park schedule. Come on out and cheer on our Corte Madera FC teams.

Saturday Sept 15

  • 10:00 – U8 Boys vs Napa United
  • 10:00 – U9B Red vs Mill Valley
  • 10:15 – U12B White vs Santa Rosa
  • 10:30 – U14 Boys vs. Napa United
  • 11:00  – U8 Boys vs Tahuicchi
  • 11:30 – U11B Red vs. Atletico Santa Rosa
  • 12:00 – U8 Girls vs. Novato
  • 12:00 – U14 Girls vs Santa Rosa
  • 12:45 – U12G Red vs Empire 07
  • 3:00 – U13 Boys vs. North Marin United
  • 4:30 – U12G White vs. Western Sonoma County
  • 5:00pm – U10B White vs North Marin

Sunday Sept 16

  • 9:00 – U14 Boys vs. Santa Rosa United
  • 10:00 – U9 Boys White vs. Black Oaks Juventus
  • 11:30 – U11 Boys Red vs. Atletico Santa Rosa
  • 2:00 – U10 Boys Red vs. Napa United
  • 2:00 – U12 Boys White vs. Earthquakes

Featured Teams of the Week:

U9 Girls

The Shooting Stars were thrilled to get back on the soccer field in August. Led by coaches, Annika Shawn, Jeremy Wenner, and Jim O’Connor, the girls recently participated in their first ever tournament, the Tiburon Fall Kick-Off. The girls won their age group after a nail-biting championship game that ended with penalty kicks, beating a team that had defeated them earlier in the weekend. Since then, the girls have suffered a couple of close but disappointing losses — one of which came after coming back from 4-0 at halftime to a 6-4 finale. The girls are proving to be a determined and tenacious group and are excited to keep learning and having fun with their trainer, Abe.

 U9 Boys Red

This energetic and focused bunch is off to a great start. Parent coaches, Mark Edelen and Cindy Winship don’t have to do much to get this group fired up for gametime! The boys are facing tough competition in the Gold/Silver division of NorCal and have managed to pull off a couple wins in this early part of the season. The boys are excited to be playing on a bigger field this year. All ten players have already rotated through the goalie position and all were fantastic – really! In addition, they are quickly learning how to build from the back while also developing the sense for how to attack and defend as a team. The learning curve is steep but the boys are embracing the challenge head-on. With Edwin as their trainer, the sky’s the limit for this group!

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