Our Corte Madera FC summer camps were a rocking success and will return in Summer of 2023! Camps will be led by our Director of Coaching, Michael Sharp and staffed by the Corte Madera FC competitive training staff. Corte Madera FC Soccer Camp will allow participants to work on the technical, tactical, and physical parts of their game and have FUN. Each day will conclude with a World Cup Tournament!

Corte Madera FC Summer Camp for 7-13 year olds!

Camps will be led by Corte Madera FC Kindergarten/1st Grade and competitive trainers Sarah Vigil and Gabby Ronick. Corte Madera FC camp will allow all participants to have fun while developing to their full technical, tactical and physical potential. Our daily program focuses on individual development, speed and agility, skills training, ball control, dribbling, defending, passing and receiving, shooting and game-like decision making all through imaginary games that engage the children and they don’t even know they are learning. Each day will conclude with a world cup tournament! All Marin Health and Safety Guidelines will be followed. 


Corte Madera FC Striker/Goalkeeper camp 8-13 yr olds

Have a child that loves to play goalie or constantly find them shooting on goal? Well, how about an hour of just that! Striker/Goalkeeper camp will focus on Goalkeeper skills for those interested and striker skills for those looking to net a few goals…and both for those interested in it! All Marin Health and Safety Guidelines will be followed. 


** Our curriculum is informed by USSF and Childhood development best practices. Our camp leaders are trained educators.

Looking forward to seeing you on the field!