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Corte Madera Football Club, Mill Valley Soccer Club, and Tiburon Peninsula Soccer Club are pleased to announce that we will be renewing and expanding our United program for our three clubs’ competitive players.  In the fall of 2023, United teams will be formed for U13 and older players (2011 and older).


Our United program was created with the goal of increasing and improving the playing opportunities for competitive players in our clubs in the older age groups, where roster sizes are larger (11 v 11) and there is often a reduction in overall participation numbers. Combining a larger pool of players at tryouts enables each of our clubs to better serve our members by forming more teams made up of players with similar abilities.

Our three clubs will partner together to hold unified tryouts for our United teams. Tryouts will be fair and open to all interested players and will take place within the NorCal Tryout Window (mid-May to early June). The number of teams formed for each birth year and gender will depend on the player pool. We will do our best to provide a quality competitive team playing opportunity for all players who are ability appropriate.  Each team will be “hosted” by one of our individual clubs as required by NorCal rules, but will play under the team name “United”.  These teams may practice/play games in one or more of the United club’s locations.  Practice schedules and times will be tailored to school schedules as much as possible to allow for time in transit.  United team coaches will be announced prior to tryouts.

Our three United clubs are committed to offering outstanding playing opportunities for the 2011 and older age groups this coming year, and we are excited to announce this expansion of our United program for our competitive soccer players and families.


Please see our United FAQ, and if you have any questions please reach out to:







Corte Madera Football Club

Mill Valley Soccer Club

Tiburon Soccer Club

Tryout Locations

Corte Madera Town Park, 498 Tamalpais Dr, Corte Madera, CA 94925, Check in at the Cafe Verde parking lot

Bayfront Park, 498 Sycamore Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941

McKegney Green, Park at Blackie’s Pasture Parking lot on Tiburon Blvd, Tiburon CA 94920

Tam High School, 700 Miller Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941


Q:  What does it mean that the United program is a “one year pilot”?

Corte Madera FC (CMFC), Mill Valley Soccer Club (MVSC) and Tiburon Peninsula Soccer Club (TPSC) have agreed to implement the United program for the 2009 and older age groups in the 2022-2023 season.  All three clubs will independently evaluate the program during the year; and the three clubs will discuss what worked and what didn’t, and consider how we can best serve our communities’ older competitive players moving forward.


Q:  Where will United team tryouts be held?

Tryouts will take place in Corte Madera, Mill Valley, and/or Tiburon. Players should plan to attend as many tryouts as they are able.


Q:  When will United team coaches be announced?

United team coaches will be announced in advance of tryouts.


Q:  Where will United teams practice and play games?

Players accepting roster spots on United teams should be prepared to practice and play games in Corte Madera, Mill Valley and/or Tiburon.


Q:  How many teams will be formed for each cohort?

Our aim is to provide a competitive team opportunity for as many ability-appropriate players as possible.  Final decisions on the number of teams formed will be based upon the depth and quality of the player pool at tryouts.


Q:  How many players will be selected for each team?

Our coaching staff and Directors of Coaching (DOCs) will make these decisions based on the player pools.  Typically, teams that play 11 v 11 carry rosters between 14 and 18 players.


Q:  Will there be a team for every birth year (e.g., 2009, 2008, 2007, etc.)?

Our intention is to form 2009 birth year teams for boys and girls.  For the 2008 and older age groups, there may be teams made up of players from more than one birth year, depending upon the depth and quality of the player pool.


Q:  How will player selections be made at tryouts?  

Team coaches and tryout evaluators will determine rosters.  The three clubs shall have professional coach representation at all tryouts, and input in final roster selections.  DOCs will sign off on final rosters.  In the event of a disagreement on final roster selections, a minimum of 2/3rds of DOCs shall agree on a final outcome.


Q;  How do players register for tryouts?

Each club will have an online tryout registration.  Players are encouraged to register with their home club from last season, and new players are welcome to register for tryouts with any club.  The clubs will work together to form a combined tryout list prior to tryouts.


Q:  What is the cost to play on a United team?

We anticipate the cost to be similar to that of other competitive teams with a similar length of season.  For United teams in 2022, we anticipate the registration fees and full season costs to be between $1,400 - $2,200.


Q:  Will the United program offer need-based financial assistance?

All three clubs currently offer need-based financial aid.  The United program will do the same.


Q:  What is the length of the season?

There may be optional training in the summer (depending upon player availability).  The official season will begin in early August, and it will end by mid-December.  High school aged teams will finish their season by the start of high school tryouts (early November).


Q:  Will the United players have opportunities to play and develop in the winter and spring?

Our United program will provide optional training and game opportunities in the winter and spring.  By combining our player pools into one program, it will be much easier for our clubs to provide winter and spring opportunities for our players who want to play year-round.