Who should try out for competitive soccer?

Competitive soccer is for focused, motivated and dedicated young athletes who want to train and compete at a higher level of soccer.  We expect all of our athletes to embrace the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect.


How will I know if my child earns a spot on a Corte Madera FC team? 

Following tryouts, Corte Madera FC will contact parents privately by email to offer spots on a competitive team or within an age group pool. Emails notifications are sent shortly after tryouts; however, it may take a little longer for some emails to be sent depending on those families who choose to decline offers. We have a rolling process for both Red and White teams. It's important to us to keep the acceptance emails confidential rather than posting rosters online in order to respect the efforts of everyone who participated in tryouts and to shield children from having their names appear on a public website.


Will teams change during the season?

Corte Madera has a policy of continued player assessment after tryouts.  Initial team placement shall take place in May and June.  Our Team Coaches will continue to assess the team placement of players up until the end of August, to identify and possibly reassign those players that would be better served on a different team during the course of the season.


Will Corte Madera FC notify players who have not made a competitive team?

Yes, children who are not invited to play on a Corte Madera FC team will be notified by email within one week of tryout completion. If your child is not offered a competitive spot we highly recommend Corte Madera FC recreation and MISA programs (for older players). These are a great alternative for improving skills while having fun playing soccer.


Do returning players have an advantage in tryouts?

The club gives all players fair and equal consideration to earn spots on the rosters.


When does the soccer season run?

The competitive soccer season runs from early-August through early November or mid December, depending upon individual teams’ results and whether or not the team is playing in NorCal State Cup. Most teams will finish their seasons in mid-November, but again some older groups may go longer.


Can players who do not live in Corte Madera/Larkspur play on Corte Madera FC competitive teams?

While our teams are primarily comprised of youth from Corte Madera and Larkspur, we welcome athletes from other communities to try out for our teams.


What is the commitment that’s expected to play competitive soccer?

Playing on a Corte Madera FC team requires a high level of commitment from players and their families. Players are expected to attend the week-long training camp that is held in early August (week prior to the beginning of school).  Preseason training runs 1.5 hours a day, Monday through Thursday. During the season, players are expected to attend ALL practices and games. Teams practice two-three times a week for 1.5 hours and play one or two games on the weekends.  Most teams play in 1-2 tournaments at various locations around the Bay Area.


Can my child play competitive soccer if s/he is also involved in other sports?

Yes!  Most Corte Madera FC players play multiple sports, and the club encourages and supports that activity. HOWEVER, during the fall playing season, from the August training camp onward, the club expects a full commitment, with soccer being each player’s top-priority extracurricular activity.


How much will it cost to play on a Corte Madera FC team? 

Total club costs range from $1450-$2000 and can vary somewhat due to the number of training sessions per week. This cost does not include uniforms, tournaments and travel fees. Our U8 program is around $900-$1300 for the season.


Who coaches the Corte Madera FC competitive teams?

Experienced, professional coaches will both train and coach our competitive teams. Bios of Corte Madera FC coaches can be found on the Trainers page.


Does Corte Madera FC offer winter and spring soccer options for competitive players?

Yes, Corte Madera FC offers spring training options for interested competitive players.


Why Play for Corte Madera this soccer season: 


  1. We offer an early soccer diversification model as opposed an early soccer specialization model: To find out more click here
  2. Highly qualified Male and Female educators and coaches
  3. Club Wide Methodology and Curriculum based on childhood educational principles To find out more click here
  4. Central Venue all competitive practices at Corte Madera Town Park