Who should try out for competitive soccer?

Competitive soccer is for focused, motivated and dedicated young athletes who want to train and compete at a high level of soccer.  We expect all of our athletes to embrace the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect.


When will I know which team my son or daughter is on?

Tryouts are a challenging time for players, parents, and coaches. Corte Madera has a player placement model that strives to find the best training and playing fit for every player. As such, Corte Madera has a policy of continued player assessment after tryouts, if necessary. When there are a large number of new players in an age group or the group has not experienced a full competitive season, our professional coaches will select an Age Group Pool at tryouts. Players in this pool will train together until a specified time in early June, at which time our team coaches will then place players on one of our competitive teams. Initial team placement will take place no later than the end of the school year. Our coaches will continue to assess the team placement of players through the team camp week in August to identify and potentially reassign players that would be better served on a different team during the course of the season.

When does the soccer season run?

The competitive soccer season runs from mid-August through early November or December, depending upon individual teams’ results and whether or not the team is playing in NorCal State Cup. Most teams will finish their seasons in mid-November, but some older groups will go longer.   


Can players who do not live in Corte Madera/Larkspur play on Corte Madera FC competitive teams?

While our teams are primarily comprised of youth from Corte Madera and Larkspur, we welcome athletes from other communities to try out for our teams.


What is the commitment that’s expected to play competitive soccer?

Playing on a Corte Madera FC team requires a high level of commitment from players and their families. Players are expected to attend the week-long training camp that is held in early August (TBD).  Preseason training runs two hours a day, Monday through Friday. During the season, players are expected to attend ALL practices and games.  Teams practice twice a week for 1.5 hours and play one or two games on the weekends.  Most teams play in 2-3 tournaments at various locations around the Bay Area.   

How much will it cost to play on a Corte Madera FC team? 

Total costs range from $900-$1500 and can vary somewhat due to the fact that some teams choose to play in more tournaments or extend their season because they do well in State Cup play. Our U8 program is around $600 for the season.


Who coaches the Corte Madera FC competitive teams?

Experienced, professional coaches will coach our competitive teams. Bios of Corte Madera FC coaches can be found on the Trainers page. This list is updated as new teams form each spring. At our younger ages (U8-U10), we utilized the trainer/parent coach model. This means that trainers work with teams during the week and parent coaches coach the weekend games and tournaments. Players benefit from professional training and also learn from an invested parent who has his/her players’ development and well-being at heart. Parent coaches take their roles seriously and coach with the understanding that youth coaches have a major impact on kids’ lives. Many were collegiate soccer players and others are experienced youth coaches.


Does Corte Madera FC offer winter and spring soccer options for competitive players?

Yes, Corte Madera FC offers spring training options for interested competitive players.