U8 Girls 

The U8 Girls finished their first Corte Madera FC season a week ago with a Jamboree at Town Park. It was a great year that began with the Creedman Cup (Labor Day Weekend)  and included Jamborees in Tiburon, Novato and Corte Madera. Our 14 girls were trained by Ramiro, who did a terrific job developing the girls’ skills while ensuring they had a ton of fun. Coaches Greg Fargo, Ryan Daugherty and Denis Scott coached the girls in 19 games, playing teams as far away as Orinda. It was great to see how much the girls developed throughout the season, finishing the season with strong play against teams they had struggled with earlier in the season. Thanks to all the parents for their commitment to the Corte Madera FC program and for their support throughout the season. The girls are already looking forward to their 2020 season!

U8 Boys  

The U8 Boys, coached by Lindsay Hess (Red) and Doug Saeltzer (White) wrapped up their season last week, and what a season we had! Our two teams, comprised of 21 enthusiastic soccer players, had so much fun honing their skills under the enthusiastic leadership of trainers, Ramiro, Jared, and Fabian. We started the soccer season playing as individuals, all running at the same time towards the ball (aka “herd ball”) and at times even taking the ball away from our own teammates. As the season progressed, our players were passing and finding space away from pressure. Our players were understanding the concept of maintaining space and moving as a unit. It was exciting to witness our boys trying out the new skills learned in practice during the games. Thanks to the players, families, and trainers for their commitment to our youngest cohort. The boys are already looking forward to next year’s soccer season!