We all want our kids to thrive and grow as athletes, but most of us question how best to support our kids. In reality, the player, coach, AND the parent all have the same amount of responsibility in cultivating an environment that best supports our athlete’s development and performance. This is called the athletic triangle. Positive Coaching Alliance founder, Jim Thompson, says that the role of a sports parent is to support the athlete and the coach. But how do we do this? Some specific ways to support your athlete are:

  1. Encourage your child to focus on effort and attitude.
  2. Support and respect your child’s coach(es).
  3. Always be positive and supportive.
  4. Focus on fun and ensure that your child is enjoying her soccer experience.
  5. Instead of talking to your child about whether her team won or lost, ask her questions like: What went well? What did you learn in that game? How could you have responded differently?
  6. Remember the big picture! Statistically, very few soccer players go on to play past high school. Encourage your player to do her best and be competitive, but embrace the life lessons that soccer presents us with.

We can all do our part in helping create a healthy athletic environment for our kids to thrive and continue falling in love with soccer.

Looking forward to another great weekend of Corte Madera FC soccer! Here’s the home weekend lineup: 

Saturday, September 21

  • 9:00am – U9 Boys White vs. Mill Valley Fusion White
  • 10:00am – U10 Boys Red vs. Napa United
  • 12:00  – U10 Girls White vs. Marin FC Red
  • 1:00pm – U9 Boys Red vs. Tahuichi FC
  • 5:00pm – U9 Girls White vs. Rohnert Park SC

 Sunday, September 22

  • 9:00am – U10 Boys White vs Mill Valley Fusion White
  • 10:00am – U9 Boys White vs. Mill Valley Fusion White
  • 10:15am – U12 Boys White vs Woodland
  • 1:00pm – U10 Girls Red vs Mill Valley
  • 2:00pm – U9 Boys Red vs. Marin FC
  • 3:00pm – U13 Girls Red vs. Sonoma Valley United

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