Another tournament weekend is upon us! We have SEVEN Corte Madera FC teams heading to the Palo Alto Tall Trees Tournament this coming weekend. If you are heading that way, make the effort to cheer on another Corte Madera FC team at some point. Players and coaches always appreciate the extra support. Good luck to all of our teams whether they are competing in Palo Alto, Dublin, or Santa Cruz!

During these tournament weekends, it is important for our kids to eat well. With multiple games, sometimes in extreme heat, we want to make sure that our kids are fueling their bodies properly. I know our kids veer toward burgers, fries and pizza when given the choice, but those really aren’t the best options. So what are some healthier choices? Smaller meals that include protein and some healthy fats are best when kids have an upcoming game. Think yogurt, fruit, deli sandwiches, sushi, guacamole/avocado, popcorn, nuts and nut butters. Use these soccer weekends as an opportunity to talk about what types of food are best to fuel our kids’ athletic and strong bodies. Marin Juniors Volleyball Club has an excellent page about young athletes’ sports nutrition. Check it out:

Stay connected to Corte Madera FC this weekend: 

  1. See what time and where other Corte Madera FC teams are playing at Tall Trees, Dublin Classic and Santa Cruz Classic this weekend. If your team’s schedule is not entered into this document, please do so that other teams can come cheer for your team (there is a tab for each tourney).
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  3. The Corte Madera FC website is up and running with lots of good info, updates, resources and more. Update your game scores in TeamSnap and it will dynamically pull this info onto the website. Don’t forget to update! Bookmark our website – and let us know what we can add to improve this resource.

Thank you for helping us build our Club and strengthen our soccer community!